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Modeling and implementing Domain-Driven Design

In this 2 day course we will build a software based on the basic rules of Object-Oriented Programming, model a business problem together with a Domain Expert with EventStorming and implement it in software using Clean Architecture, CQRS and Event-Driven Architecture.

We use your real life business context instead of abstract or isolated examples as basis for the exercises so that your development team will have a kick start in their next project.

  • The 4 pillars of Object-Oriented Programming
  • The SOLID principles and their real meaning and value
  • Domain-Driven Design: Strategic Design
  • Modeling together with a Domain Expert
  • Domain-Driven Design: Tactical Design
  • Clean Architecture: Domain Layer
  • Clean Architecture: Application Layer
  • Clean Architecture: Infrastructure
  • Technology stack: .NET, Docker and free choice of database
From €1.992 Travel and accommodation costs not included

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