Building your business software the right way

If you want to resolve a specific pain in your organisation, developing an application could be the perfect solution for you.

A technical wizard can help you with software development. But it would be best if you found the right wizard, one who understands the subject of your company and the goal of your desired application. These assets are imperative to the success of the software application within your business.

The software development world is fast-changing, and there are always new shiny things that attract developers. But the real value for you as a company is in your business domain.

To better understand your domain, we invest time and energy right from the beginning. Using new techniques, such as event storming, we can communicate effectively with all team members. We then create and implement the perfect domain-driven design for your application.

We encourage better understanding through open communication. This transparent system enables us to add real value to your business by providing the right solutions for your organisational pains.

What is Codefondo?

Codefondo is the limited company where Jurgen Stillaert provides his freelance activities. The name Codefondo combines the two main passions of Jurgen, which are coding and cycling. Code stands for coding and fondo for Gran Fondo, a challenging race for cyclists mostly ridden in a mountainous setting.

Jurgen has a proven track record of more than 17 years in software development and leading software development teams. His primary interest is in converting complex business problems into workable software for businesses.

He holds many Microsoft certifications and is a certified Scrum Master. He is also a passionate board member of Visug, the Belgian Visual Studio user group, that organises free monthly developer’s sessions, and one yearly conference, namely Visug XL.

Codefondo uses a network of professional freelancers to get your project done. Jurgen combines his unique social and technical skills to create a friendly and professional working environment for all.

Business Solutions
Based on Domain-Driven Design, CQRS and many other good patterns and practices, we will develop your most difficult business application in Microsoft .Net. Our detailed analysis and ability to look beyond the code, help us analyse the problem domain, and is key in getting the application live for you.The application can be a desktop, website or mobile app and can be hosted in the cloud for a cost-effective solution for your business.
Event Storming
In order that everybody understands each other and is communicating in the same way we facilitate event storming. These sessions give all stakeholders, from the CEO, the developer, to the future end-user, the opportunity to discuss their insights for their specific business areas.This information helps us build the best possible application to solve the business problem in your organisation.
Legacy software refactoring
Legacy software refactoring is an important area for you to consider for your business. Rewriting some of the internal structure of your software will save your developers time in the future, it can also help to streamline your business, saving you money in the long run. As a proactive measure, legacy software refactoring can also aid in fixing any potential issues, before you add new features or process any significant updates.
Team Coaching
With a lot of years of experience in software development and leading technical teams, we can guide new and existing teams in their process of developing software. It can help to unleash the hidden skills of your developers.The coaching can range from simple code and architecture reviews to completely leading the team as scrum master including assessing team knowledge and setting up training plans.
We can provide various training for your team, mostly regarding Domain-Driven Design, CQRS and software architecture. All trainings are custom made for your team and will include hands-on learning. Small groups help to provide personal attention throughout the training.
Work with us
No fixed contract, but whenever you need us, you can give us a call. We will help you whenever you are stuck or need some training.
We can work on your project in an iterative cycle. This process can help you get a minimal viable product delivered as soon as possible. It can be improved at regular intervals to get your software into production. This continuous assessment enables your product to adapt quickly to ever-changing business situations. Remote based project work.
With a mix of remote and on-prem, this form of collaboration is the most intense that we offer. We forge a partnership to get the best collaboration possible to achieve optimum results.
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