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Software Developing

If you don’t have a software development team and you wish to outsource development, you can assign us the task of building a nearshore or offshore team according to your specific needs. All team members will be trained in the Domain-Driven Design philosophy and practice agile techniques to deliver the best results for you.

We will first start to listen to your needs, capabilities and resource management to determine what profiles are needed and which strategy will be rolled out to bring value to your company.

  • Finding the right technical profiles is hard
  • Remote teams will generally be cheaper in cost
  • Team members are trained and managed in our philosophy
  • Agile way of working and delivering software
  • Fast reaction to market movements
  • Regular follow-up meetings, reviews, and prioritizing needs


Training your software development team in modeling and translating this into working software, custom to your specific needs


We build and maintain nearshore or offshore development teams based on our software development methodology


We coach your team from exploring new domains to implementing the business logic into working software

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