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EventStorming is an active, engaging, collaborative, visual and interactive workshop to explore complex business domains together with domain experts and software developers. During this workshop we will use stickies to build a story and to gain a deeper knowledge in your business processes, your strengths and hotspots to focus on.

EventStorming typically consists of a big picture workshop and more granular workshops to design a process or software. We act as unbiased facilitator to lead the discussions and make tactical decisions how to proceed when things are getting tough.

  • Big Picture workshop to map the whole domain
  • Smaller Process Design or Software Design workshops
  • Unbiased facilitator
  • Lay a foundation for software architecture


Training your software development team in modeling and translating this into working software, custom to your specific needs


We build and maintain nearshore or offshore development teams based on our software development methodology


We coach your team from exploring new domains to implementing the business logic into working software

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